Fly Shop

All the fishing gear you need is available for rent at Terracana or you can visit Bustin Trout's Fly Shop for a selection of custom designed flies for the area.  


Bustin Trout

Imagine yourself fishing in the heart of the Canadian Rockies . . . World renowned guide and outdoorsman Rob Bustin and his team of professional guides know when and where the best fishing is, so you're guaranteed an unforgettable experience!  It usually takes days to get to places like this, they'll drive you there in a matter of minutes, but don't expect a ride back unless you catch dinner


Guided Fishing

Get hooked fishing for Lake, Rainbow or Brook Trout, Dolly Varden,  Burbot, Kokanee or White Fish.  If your looking for a unique adventure, the headwaters is where it's at, there is nothing like fresh fish from local glacier fed rivers, streams and lakes.  Learn to fly fish, wade a river, fish from a boat or belly boat.  


Guided Day Trips

You'll discover places few people ever venture, take in panoramic views of the Robson Valley and surrounding mountain ranges, enjoy a shore lunch on the bank of this mighty Fraser River.  You may just forget about the fishing at least until the big one hits your line.   



The fishing at Terracana

The Fraser, one of the worlds largest rivers, is a first class angler's destination with some of the largest salmon runs anywhere!  More than 60 other kinds of fish are found in the waters of the Fraser River.   Learning the Fraser's many channels and the holding lies for the various species is a great challenge, just by it's murky water and huge size.  The river changes every season and is beyond the ability of the average weekend angler.  For the less experienced Small River that also runs through the property usually provides an easier catch.  


Each year millions of salmon return to the Fraser on route to their spawning grounds. Sockeye, Chinook, Coho, Chum and Pink (odd years) salmon all pass by in Huge numbers.  Some salmon, which migrate upriver to spawn in northern tributaries, swim as far as 1000 miles from the ocean to gravel beds in the Upper Fraser and it's tributaries like Small River just footsteps from your door.   SALMON ARE PROTECTED AT THIS TIME!


Brook trout are native to Eastern Canada, where coastal dwellers migrate between inland and marine waters.  Prized for fishing, they have been stocked throughout the continent, with most success in the upland regions.  They eat mostly caddisfly larvae, midges and water invertebrates, living about five years to an average size of 


Native throughout the Rockies on the Eastern slope and from Valemount north on the western slope.  Average size 30 cm, 1.5 kg, record weight 23.9 kg from a Lake in Alberta, and length 91 cm from a lake near Jasper.  A giant 1.3 m long and weighing 46.3 kg was caught just outside Alberta in 1961.  In the summer they seek cold water, staying deep and feeding on small organisms.  In the winter they move closer to the surface eat mainly other fish.


A member of the Salmon/Trout family and mistakenly referred to as Bull Trout, Dollies are protected in our rivers.  The average length of the fresh water form is 12-18 inches long.  The color is variable with size, locality and habitat, those living in fresh water are a olive-green to brown with orange spots.  A serious predator on young salmon and salmon eggs.  PROTECTED ONLY IN THE RIVERS!


The mountain whitefish maintains an average length of 8-12 inches and the world record weight is 4 pounds 7 ounces.  The overall coloration is silvery with light or dark brown or olive on the back.  The maximum age of this bottom feeder is 17-18 years.  Mountain whitefish feed primarily on bottom-dwelling aquatic insects, but will also feed on terrestrial insects on the surface. They have also been known to feed on other smaller fish and on fish eggs.