Native Element Spa Packages

½ Hour $50 / 1 Hour $90 / 1Hour + ½ Hour $130
Book in advance local therapists & some treatments may not always be available

Shiatzu – Applying Acupressure to specific trigger points of the body to release pain & improve circulation to revitalize and balance the bodies energy flow.

Swedish/Relaxation Massage – Oils are applied to the body using a variety of techniques to increasing circulation and provide relief to sore muscles.

Therapeutic Massage – Working on troubled areas to help relieve chronic pain, muscle tension and spasms often due to stress, work or athletic activities.

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage – Focusing on pain and joints, combining classic style massage with trigger points, compression and electro – neuromuscular techniques.

Reflexology with Shoulder & Neck Massage – Rest your feet in a warm foot bath with healing herbs followed by invigorating Reflexology treatment on your feet, finished with a shoulder and nexk massage.

Hot Stone Massage – Inspired by Native traditions, this gentle, yet powerful modality combines deep therapeutic work with the soothing warm energy of stones. 

Craniosacral Therapy - Massage of various points of contact on the skull. A subtle and profound healing form which assists the body’s natural capacity for self repair.

Lymph Drainage – The aim of the massage is to stimulate or move any excess fluid to drain away normally which encourages a healthy lymphatic system.

Reiki – The ancient art and science of balancing the body’s energy on a physical and emotional level by laying hands over the life force energy releasing stress.

Reflexology – The art of applying pressure to feet and hand with specific techniques exercising pressure sensors and internal organs to which they are inextricably tied

Iridology – An eye examination studying the iris to determine whether organs are healthy or distressed and the use of herbs to encourage health.

Guided Imagery – Sit back in our massage chair while our therapist guides your imagination to create positive images and healthful changes to body, mind & spirit.

Regression Therapy – The use of hypnosis for self improvement and/or healing can improve mental and physical health at all levels.

Fitness Training – Try a Nordic wilderness walk or our coach can design an exercise program to fit your lifestyle and improve health, strength and flexibility.

Nutritional Cooking Classes – Learn how to test your metabolism, balance your diet and create rich, wholesome, delicious, healthy food that your family and friends will love.

Art Therapy – By expressing yourself creatively, one can transcend the conscious mind to find hidden truths or enjoy a sense of freedom and inspiration that can be healing.

Mask Making – A journey of self discovery breaking past one's barriers to find your true nature, often healing and life altering, evoking a deeper sense of purpose.

Manicures & Pedicures – Indulge in time for yourself and enjoy some relaxation and down time in our spa while getting your nails professionally manicured.

Facials – Our line of all natural hypoallergenic custom products are designed to target aging, skin problems or simply rejuvenate the skin for a healthy fresh look.

PRIVATE SPA EXPERIENCES ½ Hour $15 / 1 Hour $25 / 1 ½ Hour $35 / 3 Hours $45
Enjoy the tranquil setting and soothing atmosphere of our spa in privacy

Massage Chair – Our Therapeutic Massage Chair provides a range of full body treatments with the push of a button.

Hydro Therapy – Hot soak in air jetted tub to sooth and relax muscles. Add Color Bath to help balance energy or Mud Bath to draw out toxins & nourish skin.

Dry Sauna – The heat of a sauna eliminates toxins through sweat and can be used to improved circulation, soothe arthritis, help skin conditions & reduce chronic fatigue.

Steam Sauna – Opens the pores while the heat acts to eliminate toxins through the skin and the moist air of a steam bath can help the respiratory system.

Foot Soak with Heated Shoulders & Neck Pad – Rest your feet in a warm foot bath with healing herbs and enjoy an invigorating massage to relieve tension.


Good health often comes from maintaining balance, peace and happiness in life. Imbalance and stress on our environment also reflects on health. It is challenging to resolve one's needs and wants with what can be sustained in today's world. This series of four retreats will address basic key elements of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being in step by step progression. Surrounded by nature find a deeper meaning that can be life altering and healing. Through creative expression find a true sense of self and overcome barriers. The fully integrated program will help you find easy ways to live a balanced lifestyle and focus on your greater purpose.

  • 4pm Thur Check-in
  • 7-9pm Thur/Fri/Sat Dinner with evening Lifestyle Sessions
  • 7-9am Fri/Sat/Sun Breakfast & Nutritional Eating Classes
  • Fri/Sat Spirit Quest Journey & Interpretive Walks
  • Fri/Sat 1/2 hr Native Healing at Sweat Lodge
  • Fri/Sat Mask Making Class
  • 12pm Fri/Sat Luncheon & Nutritional Cooking Classes
  • Sun Morning Native Healing Ceremony, Tea & Snacks
  • 2pm Check-out

  • 4pm Thur Check-in
  • 7-9pm Thur/Fri Dinner with evening Lifestyle Sessions
  • 7-9am Fri/Sat/Sun Breakfast & Nutritional Eating Classes
  • Fri/Sat Ladies Burlesque Classes & Boudoir Photos
  • Fri/Sat Spa Beauty Treatments
  • Fri/Sat Boys free time for Mountain Sledding
  • 12pm Fri/Sat Luncheon & Nutritional Cooking Classes
  • 7-9pm Sat Burlesque Dinner Theater
  • Sunday 2.5 hr Coldfire Dog Sled Tour & Campfire Lunch
  • 2pm Check-out

  • 4pm Thur Check-in
  • 7-9pm Thur/Fri/Sat Dinner with evening Lifestyle Sessions
  • 8am Fri/Sat/Sun Breakfast & Nutritional Eating Classes
  • Fri/Sat Yoga, Fitness Classes & Nordic Walks
  • Fri/Sat Spa Body Treatments
  • 12pm Fri/Sat Luncheon & Nutritional Cooking Classes
  • Sun Mount Robson Morning Hike & Cookout
  • 2pm Check-out

  • 4pm Thur Check-in
  • 7-9pm Thur/Fri/Sat Dinner with evening Lifestyle Sessions
  • 8am Sat Breakfast & Nutritional Eating Classes
  • Fri/Sat Regression Therapy Sessions
  • Fri/Sat Art Therapy Sessions
  • Sat 1/2 hr Scheduled Spa Foot Soak & Reiki
  • 12pm Fri/Sat Luncheon & Nutritional Cooking Classes
  • Sun Morning 2.5 Hr Rafting Tour & BBQ
  • 2pm Check-out

Prices & treatments subject to change without notice (Taxes not included)