Bunkhouse Bedroom w/living room, kitchen & bathroom - $189/night double occupancy
2 Horse Pen - $25/night (Coggins required - you supply feed & care)



Ranch Meadow Ride
     1 HOUR

Recommended for beginners; This is a gentle ride along the river through scenic ranch land. 

Build your confidence while building a relationship with your horse and take in the spectacular scenery.


Robson Valley Lookout Ride

     2 HOURS

This mountain trail leads to a lookout point above the Robson Valley.  Where you can stop so you can stretch your legs and enjoy the breathtaking views. 

An easy ride and an inspiring experience, we often run into wildlife on the trail.  Don't forget your camera!



Backcountry Day Ride
     6 HOURS

Ride into the heart of the backcountry in only a few hours! If your looking for a unique adventure this is it, ride through untouched wilderness across glacier fed rivers.  Follow one of Robson's side valleys up mountain passes to breathtaking scenery few people ever see.  It usually takes days to get to places like this and yoy can take as many breaks as you need along the way!


What to Bring

     Good Footwear (not too wide of heel - riding boots ideal)

     Jeans or Work Pants

     Camera & lots of film

     Personal Items including bug spray