Arabian Horses to Give Away


*Figaro PASB

*Figaro PASB carries the blood of Polish foundation horses; Skowronek, Kuhailan Abu Urkub, Gazella II and Porta in the third generation of his pedigree.  He was by Negatiw, one of the leading sires in Europe.  His dam Fortunata was by the Polish derby winner Branibor, out of Forta, the most noted race producing mare in Poland. 

Bred at Michalow Stud in Poland, *Figaro is one of the top racehorses of his time.   His Race Record dominated European tracks from 1974-78.  He raced 34 times, placed top 5 in all but his 1st race, won 13 firsts, 10 seconds, 5 thirds and retired sound.  Then began a successful show and breeding career. 

In 1980, he tied for world Champion Stallion with Alrex.  He had 160 offspring in Europe; 20 were imported to the U.S. *Figaro has approximately 50 offspring in North America.  Today they mark his success on the track and in the show ring.  His imported son, *Nassar won 3 U.S. National Top Tens in Park. 

*Figaro passes on beauty and athletic ability, a laid back shoulder, a long, high set neck, straight legs with good length and bone density, added height and a great temperament.  (Frozen Semen in storage) 



Over the years certain nicks become known for consistently producing quality. Among the most famous, is that of *Bask++ crossed with the daughters and granddaughters of Comet.   This combination produced horses of unparalleled performance capability. 

 FIRESTREAK is a powerful example of this combination.  He is by *Bask++, a stallion that had a very significant impact on the breed, and out of the Comet daughter Halali Enchanted. FIRESTREAK is a 3/4 brother to a long list of eminent horses such as Cognac, Gdansk++ and Gardenia.  He carries the blood of many Polish greats close up in his pedigree. 


Over the years FIRESTREAK excelled in Halter, Stock, and Western. His offspring are proven in Halter, Performance and on the track.  His full brother is a leading sire of National show Horses. 

FIRESTREAK contributes a broad forehead, pretty eyes, a sculptured face, small ears and a fine neck to his foals, as well as a strong structure, an     exceptionally laid back shoulder and an excellent hip. 



Dexter EA


 Dexter EA traces back to *Bask++ twice in his pedigree which would be an excellent cross for our Negative bred mares.  Such outcrosses have produced many exceptional show horses and breeding horses, which is one reason why *Bask++ is still considered the most influential sire in the history of the Arabian breed in America.

Not many of his sons are left to continue his dynasty so we are now looking toward his grandsons.  Dexter's sire Firestreak is one of those valuable few Pure Polish *Bask++ sons left, now at 31 years of age.   He is an example of the superb cross between the *Bask++ and Comet lines.  

Dexter's dam was one of the highest priced yearlings to ever go through public auction.  Her sire Fire Chief was considered one of the most beautiful *Bask++ sons.  

Dexter promises to be an excellent sire in the future.  He is athletic, well conformed and pretty, not to mention gentle and intelligent.  He is currently in Western Pleasure training and we hope to have him in the show ring in 2001.




Autumn Shadow

Autumn Shadow is a phenomenal mover. She can hold her audience at the edge of their breath as if each stride had the power to set her in flight.  She has won numerous championships and top honors as an English Pleasure horse, carrying herself with an air of pride that sets her apart from every other horse in the ring.  Her sire Bay El Bey++ was a National Champion Stallion and a Champion English Pleasure horse, many of his offspring have ranked as to show horses and gone on to become top breeding horses.  So far three of Autumn Shadow's offspring have become English Champions and the other two have yet to be shown. 



Alove Affair

Alove Affair's sire Fire Chief was considered to be one  of  the most beautiful sons of the famed stallion *Bask++.  The *Bask++ line is known to cross  very well with *Raffles and Negatiw Blood.  Such crosses have produced exceptional show horses and breeding horses.  Alove Affair is no  exception, she was one of the highest priced yearlings to go through public auction.  Now she is a very elegant, pretty mare and a proven producer.  She is trained Western for beginner to advanced riders.



BPL Figurine

As pretty as her name, she carries herself with grace and presence. Classic elegance that will set her apart from the crowd in the future, whether it be in the show ring or Broodmare band.  BPL Figurine has two crosses to *Bask++ on her dam's side which complements *Figaro's bloodlines very well.  She is a full sister to BPL Gina Marie, but quite different in type. Although both have tremendous potential in halter Figurine is better suited for English Pleasure and Driving.  Figurine is IAHA Breeder Sweepstakes nominated. 















EA Fira

EA Fira possesses a fire and elegance that draws everyone's attention.  She has an excellent shoulder, hip, and croup, an exquisite head and overall balance and type.  Her sire Firestreak is one of a valuable few pure Polish *Bask++ sons, he is a 3/4 brother to such greats as Cognac, Gdansk++ and Gardenia.  Fira's dam, Harlow, is a double Negatiw bred mare,  a splendid cross with Firestreak's bloodlines.  EA Fira has been shown once at one of the largest shows in Region 17 she placed Supreme Show Champion over all other divisions in halter.  IAHA Sweepstakes nominated. 















BPL Gina Marie

Distinctively *Figaro, she is quite likely do well as a halter or performance horse.  BPL Gina Marie's dam is by the legendary Gdansk+, his sons and daughters have won numerous National performance honors and  Snow shimmer's dam is by a 3/4 brother to Firestreak.   This mare exemplifies the successful cross between Bask++ bred mares and Negatiw bred Stallions.  She is started Western, is IAHA Sweepstakes nominated and has proven herself to be an excellent broodmare.   


















As one of the matriarchs at Excella and one of only two pure Polish *Figaro daughters, Fionna represents a valuable  heritage.  Out of the noted mare Halali Fantasia she is line bred to Forta and closely related to many Polish greats the likes of Fabiola and Fatma.  She is pictured with her 2000 filly by *Fenix (Elf x *Ferezja).  Fionna's grandsire El Mudir was a horse of extraordinary motion, while her grand dam Fortunka was a full sister to Equifor a chief sire in Poland.






                                                                                            Naseem                   Nasra

                                                                 Negatiw              Taraszcza                 Enwer Bey

Name:                                                                                                                  Gazella II

FIONNA                     *Figaro PASB                                                                 Aracus

Reg. #:                                                                                 Branibor                   Bajdara

30565                                                       Fortunata            Forta                         Kohailan A.U.

Age:                                                                                                                     Porta

02/79                                                                                                                   Ofir

Sex:                                                                                     Wielki Szlem             Elegantka

MARE                                                      El Mudir              Munira                      Kaszmir

Color:                                                                                                                   Cemira

GREY                           Halali Fantasia                                                                 Amurath II 

                                                                                            Amurath Sahib          Sahiba             

                                                                 Fortunka             Forta                         Kohailan A.U.




Elegra EA

Elegra EA is of two pure Polish *Figaro daughters at Excella, chosen to continue his legacy.  Pictured with her 2000 filly at side, she is balanced and correct.  She has proven her value as a broodmare.  Emanate as a fine broodmare was saga, who's line was widely developed through her daughter Canaria found in Elegra's tail female line through Gwara and in two other crosses in her pedigree.  Gwara is one of three mares to prolong this precious line.  Elegra's dam Grazioso Elegant is also a valued broodmare.



Falenska EA

Falenska's dam is by *Maligg, U.S. National Champion English Pleasure horse.  Her grand dam is by Gdansk++ U.S. National Reserve Champion and Top Ten Park horse, he is one of the best examples of the successful cross of *Bask on Comet daughters.  This cross is again seen in Falenska's pedigree through Firestreak.  She is passing on this Performance ability, already having made a valuable contribution to our breeding program.  She has a great temperament and will be started under saddle in 2001. 



Falenska's 2000 Filly 



                                                                        Celebes                  Canaria

                                            Mellon                  Mantyla                  Grand


                 PB Alez                                                                          Pohaniec

                                                                         Probat                    Borexia

                                           Alysha DAHS        Alita                       Abu Ali