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Lisa J. Levasseur

Lisa began painting 2010 and quickly emerged an artist She is the creator of PaletteArt™ a new art form using 100% acrylic recycled paint to sculpt 3D one of a kind paintings. Now featured as a Modern Art Master & International Contemporary Master in magazines, books & exhibitions all over the world. Her work hangs in private & museum collections next to the likes of Picasso, Renoir & Dali. She is working to help other artists and get them involved in paint recycling, offering PaletteArt instuction, private lessons & retreats. Visitors welcome at Terracana gallery 8-4pm daily and visit the online gallery at

Rocky Mountain Art Tour

Retreat from everyday society, take a chance to unwind, find complete focus and be inspired by the beauty of Canada's pristine wilderness. Enhance your creative spirit within and all those affected by it.

A once in a lifetime dream vacation ... Travel the parkway to world renowned tourist destinations of Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper and Mt. Robson. Visit top galleries, tourist attractions or events along the way and exchange ideas or collaborate with other arts and cultural leaders.

Private Art Lessons

Lisa invites artists to Terracana to enjoy the peace and inspiring views, and to paint in the studio.
$50/day for shared studio use or rent supplies & head outside on your own $15/day

Stay at Terracana and collaborate with Lisa or book private lessons.
$500/5hr day includng studio use & supplies

Stay for a week long vacation rental and learn Lisa's innovative Palette Art technique.
$3500 for 5 full days complete instruction including studio use & supplies

Group Art Retreats

Other artists can host retreats at Terracana, book cabins for all your students and rent the studio which is large enough to instruct a group of ten.
$500 per day for exclusive studio use.

Beginners and artists alike can sign up for our newsletter to receive info on upcoming art retreats hosted by Mountain Galleries, $650 for 3 days instruction beginners welcome!
Watch for upcoming retreats with these featured artists: Zoe Evamy, Ken Faulks, Rod Prouse, Glen Frear

Stay for a week long vacation rental and learn Lisa's innovative Palette Art technique.
$1500 for 5 full days complete instruction including studio use & supplies

Artist in Residence

Professional Artists are invited to stay at Terracana to help promote their work through a community cultural exchange, public education, exhibitions & art representative of the area. Click here to apply

Accommodations & shared studio use provided.

Become a Sculptor

Lisa is happy to work hands on to guide you to improve your sculpting skills. work with clay that can be cast for bronze or acrylic sculpture and free your artistic talent in Terracana's creative environment with a sculpting retreat.

$150 per 5hr day including studio use.

Learn Pottery

Visit well known local artist Sharon Anderson's pottery studio 12km from Terracana. Sharon specializes in retreats that are about emotional journeys, artistic blossoming and creative adventures. Tap into your hidden talents, learn new techniques and improve your skills.

$150 for 5hr day including studio use, supplies & firing, sign up for newsletter to receive info on our next pottery retreat.

Make Jewelry

Join local artisan Margret Graine to learn 1000 yr old Asian technique of making Jewelry & choose from gem stones valued at $50.

$150 for 5hr day including studio use, gem stones & supplies, sign up for newsletter to receive info on our next jewelry making retreat.

Woodwork & Carving
Lisa and local Valemount artists offer carving and woodturning workshops. A highly detailed and concise art form, Terracana provides a relaxing environment to better connect with your vision.

$150 per 5hr day including studio use.


Terracana is the perfect place to get away from it all and focus on your writing. A truly creative environment offering inspiration and well being. Think of this retreat as a gift to yourself, your means of connecting with your inner voice. Inspiring opportunities and vistas abound for a mind enriching experience. Bring your friends and host a writer's retreat.

$600/week to stay and $150/day for boardroom.


Everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words. Capture moments in time, record history or make it from incredible mountain vistas. Come yourself or host a photography retreat.

$400/weekend to stay and use outdoor classroom.

Cameras have evolved, they no longer require film but they are more complex. Teach ins and outs of digital photography and how to use software to edit, enhance or delete your photographs.

$150/day for boardroom.